Affiliate Marketing Agency

As the name suggests, Affiliate Marketing is very similar to pay per click (PPC) advertising. It is a performance-based marketing strategy in which clients pay only for valid clicks, registration or for sale on their websites. In today’s era of top-notch competition, Performance-based advertising is growing and so there is popularity of Affiliate Marketing. It doesn’t cost you for putting your banner on other’s website, you pay only for your leads. And the best part is – you are free to choose your commission rates.

In this marketing strategy, there are two sides. One is Publisher who promotes client’s products, services on his website and other is called Merchant. Merchants are those who provide commission to the publishers (Also known as Affiliates, Advertisers or Authors) for valid clicks, registration or for sales. In this process, different website/Blog owners either put a banner in sidebars or write a paid post and distribute among the readers.

We, at USA SEO Studio, are expert in providing Affiliate marketing services to both Merchants as well as Publishers.

Affiliate marketing services for publishers:

  • Web promotion for the publisher’s Website
  • Deciding of best products and Services
  • Selection of right Network and Good merchants for top revenue
  • Regular campaign performance monitoring
  • Timely reporting on the Ads performance

Affiliate marketing Services for Merchants:

  • Analysis of review Network competition
  • Selection of Affiliate networks
  • Analysis on competition in the Market
  • Account Setup for Affiliate programs
  • Selection of publishers and deciding the best commission rates

Why choose us for the Affiliate management Services

As the whole world is getting online, it becomes very necessary for a business to have quality traffic. But apart from knowing much about Affiliate Marketing, your website needs a professional team like us.  We, at USA SEO Studio, have more than 10 years of experience in Affiliate management Services in USA and Worldwide. We have done a number of successful projects which make us Pioneers in this Industry. Our team at USA SEO Studio is able to handle your program with –

  • Effective strategies
  • Cost effectiveness
  • According to the needs
  • Dedication towards the results
  • Guarantee for the leads
  • Explain and make you understand between the best and most-suited

So if you want to grab the Affiliate management Services from the leading SEO Company in USA, then simply reach us via email or simply call us at +1 (239) 494-6777