ORM in Florida

When you search your business in different Search Engines like Google or yahoo, what do you see? Are the responses positive? Or are they a mixture of positive and negative reviews both? Before someone takes the advantage, you need to take control over your company’s online presence. Each and every business needs a good amount of positive feedbacks on the Internet. To make a good online presence on the web, we need great number of positive reviews on social platforms, good number of feedbacks on social Media plus we need to fix negative reviews too. Sometimes due to a little delay in delivery time or due to a very little mistake, Customers put negative reviews on different sites which creates negative impact on the Business Service.

Online Reputation clearly Impacts the Business

In the present scenario, some competitors put bulk negative reviews on internet to defame a company’s online presence. They know customers read reviews before going to have a product or a service. Having good positions in search results as well as the good reviews on local Business sites and Social sites like facebook, twitter, youtube, etc. is just the beginning of online reputation management.

Some ORM facts:

  • 85% of Local customers read the reviews before buying a product or service.
  • 90% of buyers agree that they decide to purchase a product/Service because of the good number of positive reviews.
  • 25% of Google results are linked to the review pages from the user generated feedbacks.

Difference between ORM and SEO

There is a difference between SEO and online reputation Management. SEO is mainly used to drive traffic on a list of keywords from the Search Engines. However, ORM includes all those activities which are used to show more positive reviews and to remove negative reviews or to push negative reviews down in the SERP so that less people can see the negative feedbacks.

Why to choose USA SEO Studio

We, at USA SEO Studio, have a team of experienced Guys who manage a set of projects to promote the online web presence. The process we follow for an effective online presence is as follows –

  • Responding to Negative content
  • Promotion of Good responses
  • New listings and Social Media profile creation
  • Reputation monitoring and respond accordingly
  • Increase the accessibilities of positive reviews in different search engines and Social Media.